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Customer Testimonials

You can see the comments of our guests who have experienced our pizzeria before you.

Oz Pizza offers an interesting and delicious selection of thin, New York style pizza by the slice. I walked up to the counter and there must have been a dozen different pizza trays - very impressive. I chose a veggie slice topped with a generous mix of peppers, olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, and feta. I've heard the margherita is fantastic too. I look forward to returning to try it!

Kristin Bass

Absolutely love grabbing a slice here. The staff is wonderful and there are some delicious pizzas to choose from.

Kid-friendliness: It's a quick and easy bite with opinions they love and great desserts

Shawn Goudie

Mushroom onion garlic pizza = superb. Clean, comfortmable environment for a slice. Good prices too!

Dana Bohan

Yay for vegan options! I got the BBQ CHICKEN- yum! This place has some
Really fun unique slices, and the guys that work there are yearly nice! Yumm

Laura Osmun